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Dr. Dimitri Ejov

Occupational Development

1991-1997Studies in intercultural communication, translation with a degree at the Lomonosov-University in Moscow (diploma with honors)
1992-1997Studies in Russian law with a degree at the Lomonossov-University in Moscow (state exam, focus on the Russian civil law)
1997-1998Assistant professor of the chair “General and German linguistics” at the Ulyanovsk State University in the field of Russian and German as foreign languages
Joint work with international relations office of Ulyanovsk State University
1999-2003Post-graduate school at the Philosophical faculty of the Friedrich-Wilhelm-University in Bonn (Germany). The theme of thesis defended – "German and Russian legal texts. Contrastive linguistic analysis on the examples of family law"; Ph.D.: 23, July 2003 (magna cum laude)
2002-2003Advancement course "Master of comparative science of law" (LLM, course of German law for foreign lawyers) at the Juridical faculty of the University in Bonn (Germany)
2003-2004Assistant professor in the field of Russian and Russian culture studies with the main focus on the economy and law system of the Russian Federation, on the Russian language of law and economics at Karlsruhe-University (Germany)
Interpreter / translator for Russian
May - Aug. 2004Advancement course in „Economy and management of enterprises“ at the Institute of Professional Education (Cologne, Germany)
since 2001Freelance interpreter
translator, business trip companion (The Supreme Court and Federal Court of Germany, Germanwings/Lufthansa Group, Messe Düsseldorf, Messe Cologne etc.), Ford Werke GmbH, University hospital Bonn, Ministry of Health of Republik Kasachstan et al. (look at "Reference List" in Downloads)
since Oct. 2003Consultant in the fields of Russian law, German-Russian economic cooperation, Russian business culture and communication, language-trainer for Russian

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