German-Russian Communication / Trainings:

  • Translations of special texts in following language combinations: Russian ⇔ German, German ⇔ Russian, English ⇒ Russian
  • Certification of translated documents (only for Russian ⇔ German, German ⇔ Russian under the permission of Oberlandesgericht Cologne)
  • Interpreter-Services for the language combinations Russian ⇔ German, German ⇔ Russian (e.g. business negotiations, business or formal visits, presentations, conferences etc.).
  • Proofreading (wording, stilistic redaction in Russian and German)
  • Accompaniment on a business trip in Germany and abroad
  • Exhibitions- and trade fair services (translation of documents, interpreting service)
  • Language assistance by visiting of a doctor, lawyer, court, registry office etc.
  • Support of German-Russian correspondence
  • Telefoning in German and Russian
  • Intercultural training with the focus on Russia and CIS-States (at will in Russian)
  • Assistance by differences in mentality and comprehension problems
  • Advices of Russian business mentality
  • First contact to Russian and German companies
  • Helping in preparation for a trip to Russia and CIS
  • Searching of competent contact persons both in Russian and in Germany (companies, funds, association, unions etc.)
  • Hotel reservation
  • Language training (Russian and German, especially with the focus on the language for special purposes)

German-Russian legal advices

  • General information about Russian law
  • Information retrieval: search of Russian legal sources (law, decrees, orders, instructions and other documents), at will translation into German
  • Procurement of a Russian lawyer who is specialized in legal field of your problem

Services in scientific and academic fields

  • Informations about postgraduate studies in Russia and Germany
  • Support in search of a scientific adviser in Russian and Germany Hilfe bei der Suche nach ei-nem deutschen bzw. russischen Doktorvater
  • Assistance in making of application for a scientific grant (only for Russian students)

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